Complete service

We handle the complete service

We will discuss everything you need on-site, suggest solutions and we will draw up a precise visualization before we actually construct the fluid system for you.

On-site service

Our team is a team of experts and we will help you on-site to improve your entire operation’s performance. We will come to you and go through the entire process together with you, appraise the situation and prepare a recommendation suitable to meet your needs. With our help, your system will be safer, more economically friendly toward the environment and, from a technical standpoint, we will ensure the system’s flawless functionality.

Engineering and design

Our engineers will suggest a design that will perfectly meet the needs of your operation. And we would be glad to show you the design before its implementation. Not only will we prepare technical drawings, but also an accurate 3D visualization of your system. We use the newest version of SolidWorks in preparing visualizations. We would even be glad to provide you with this visualization to use for your presentation.


Everything we assemble also comes with its own explanation. We will provide you with a clear, detailed manual for every one of our devices. Thus, you will know how to install, operate and even maintain your product. You will find the necessary technical drawings, certification, and pressure test results in our documentation. Apart from this, we are also capable of assuming and testing devices provided by other manufacturers. Based on the information discovered in our tests we will then be able to ensure the service and exchange of parts if necessary. 


What is our formula for making first-class fluid systems like? Top of the line parts and technology tied together with the most modern know-how available today. We are the sole representative of SSP, the American manufacturer, who has been producing fluid components since 1926.

Are you interested in our services or would you like to find out more? We are at your service.

Our specialization

FTS fluid systems are currently operating in many significant Czech companies, as well as in companies abroad. Come see for yourself!

FTS – Fluid Technology Solutions, s.r.o.

FTS is made up of specialists, who have long-term been involved in the field of fluid systems. Altogether, we have tens of years of experience and we are the sole distributor of traditional fluid components produced by the American manufacturer SSP. FTS and SSP are on the same page when it comes to first-class quality. It is our pleasure to offer parts with a lifelong material guarantee and produce top-notch systems.