Technical training

Why you should invest in your employees’ education


  • higher operational effectiveness
  • lower operational and maintenance costs
  • safer workplace
  • more reliable operation

What is the right way to assemble a fluid system?

Correct assembly is the foundation for a problem-free operation and for the reliability and long lifespan of your entire fluid system. Unfortunately, not every assembly technician or service worker is able to optimally handle joints and screw fittings. Thanks to our trainings you will be able to prevent problems before they happen, and you will feel more secure in knowing that everything is truly running smoothly.

How do you work with pressure hoses?

A malfunction of your pressure hose usually is a sign that it was installed incorrectly, that the hose type is incorrect, or it could be evidence of an even larger problem. This is why we examine the various construction, lengths, and parameters of hoses in our training. Apart from these lessons we also teach our students how to perform inspections of their hose functionality and, in the event of a malfunction, how to find the source of the problem.

How can one be flawless in welding?

In many cases, assembly safety and reliability rely on first-class welds. At FTS we well aware of this fact, which is why we offer a course teaching the most important skills needed in the field of orbital welding. Our training is beneficial for both beginners and for experienced welders, who are looking to expand their expert knowledge.

Are you interested in a training tailored to fit your needs?

Do you need a specific course, training or seminar in the field of fluid systems? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to go into detail with you and together we can come up with the perfect solution that will suit both you and your employees, thus benefiting your entire operation.

Are you interested in our trainings or would you like us to prepare a custom course just for you? Don’t wait, contact us now!

No-obligation consultations

Are you interested in our services? We would be glad to talk over anything that interests you. We also offer expert consultations for problem solutions, decreasing emissions and perfecting the functionality of your operations.

FTS – Fluid Technology Solutions, s.r.o.

FTS is made up of specialists, who have long-term been involved in the field of fluid systems. Altogether, we have tens of years of experience and we are the sole distributor of traditional fluid components produced by the American manufacturer SSP. FTS and SSP are on the same page when it comes to first-class quality. It is our pleasure to offer parts with a lifelong material guarantee and produce top-notch systems.