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What are the advantages of a professional inspection?


  • perfected operation functionality
  • extended lifespan of your system
  • decrease of any unwanted emissions
  • improvement in energy effectiveness

Sampling systems

FTS offers detailed analyses of sampling systems. Our analyses will ensure your more effective operations, a decrease in your costs and we will design solutions on how to perfect your overall system. We also offer refinements made to sampling systems. Thus, we will help to improve your operation’s safety and we can propose other methods of how to increase the efficiency of your system.

Pressure hoses

An entire series of construction solutions and parameters exist for pressure hoses. Even their installation plays a role in their performance, which is why we offer detailed hose inspections for your operation. Based on this inspection we will then be able to suggest options of how to optimize your hose selection, so that you may achieve higher performance, a longer lifespan and greater safety. And for your technicians, we will also draw up a list of the needed supplies for maintaining the system.

Steam systems

Are you needlessly losing energy during production? Maybe you are. We offer thorough steam system inspections, where we will uncover any problematic areas and suggest repair options that are most suitable for your needs. After we’ve discovered a malfunction, we will then help you in preventing the same things from ever happening again. Steam leak inspections improve energy efficiency, lower produced emissions and save you money.

Gas leaks

Leaking gas passageways cost money, lower the efficiency of your entire operation and increase unwanted emissions. That is why we offer inspections, where we are able to uncover any leaks and measure the amount of leaking gases. Thus, you will have the option to work on the long-term removal of these gas leaks in your system, depending on their degree of severity.

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Technical training

We can show you that investing in your employees quickly pays off. Our trainings help to increase safety, reliability and operational effectiveness. We also offer courses tailored to your needs.

FTS – Fluid Technology Solutions, s.r.o.

FTS is made up of specialists, who have long-term been involved in the field of fluid systems. Altogether, we have tens of years of experience and we are the sole distributor of traditional fluid components produced by the American manufacturer SSP. FTS and SSP are on the same page when it comes to first-class quality. It is our pleasure to offer parts with a lifelong material guarantee and produce top-notch systems.